Stainless steel drop seat - with patented cushion


  • Elevator cabins with fire protection regulations
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres
  • Retirement- and special care homes


Due to the integrated touch, the seat has no pinching or cutting points. The seat has a new patented cushion. That is, the seat surface is cushioned when it is raised into the rest position.
he seat is available with synthetic leather upholstery. The underside of the seat surface can also optionally be fitted with textured plates.



AISI 304


Casing: Standard design satinated. Leather, Linen, Square, Rhomb, Austenit, 5WL, polished on demand.

Upholstery: Black artificial leather, and multi-coloured on request and in flame-retardant quality


Seating area: 427 x 425 mm

Overall dimensions: 460 x 424 mm

Delivery time:

between 1-2 weeks