PVD-covered stainless steel sheets

PVD = physical vapour deposition

The raw material, e.g. titanium nitride, is put into the gaseous state. Following this it is released onto the substrate to be coated (e.g. stainless steel sheets). This is where it condenses and turns into the coating.

What are the advantages of TiN coating?

  •    Resistant at temperatures from -40°C to +100°C
  •    High hardness and adherence
  •    Good chemical resistance
  •    Biologically compatible and safe to use with food
  •    Appealing, decorative colours
  •    TiN has good reflection properties for infrared rays; its reflection range is almost as wide as that of gold
  •    Titanium nitride is not a dangerous material according to EC directives. Neither does this material need to be labelled. It is not classed as water-polluting.

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hairline finish

SM-Hairline Ti skyblue

hairline finish (blue)

SM-Hairline Ti black

hairline finish

SM-Hairline Ti sunbeam

hairline finish (gold/brass)

SM-Hairline Ti bronze

hairline finish (bronze)

SM-Hairline Ti sunset

hairline finish (copper)