We attach the greatest importance to protecting your personal data, such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. That is why we adhere strictly to privacy and data protection laws in all of our web activities. What information is stored and how we use it is described below:

Personal Data

No personal data is collected on our website unless you give your explicit consent. You decide whether to provide us with such information for registration, enquiries or similar purposes. We use your personal data, for example, for answering your enquiries, processing orders or for granting access to special information or offers. Your personal data will neither be forwarded to third parties nor marketed in any way.

Automatically collected information that is not personal data

As you browse our website, some information may be collected automatically (without registration), which cannot be traced back to your person (such information includes, for example, the domain name of the website you last visited, what web browser and operating system you are using, the number of times you visit, the number of pages you access and how long you stay on a page on average). We use this information in order to draw conclusions on the attractiveness of our website and its content, so that we can optimize it for your future visits.


Strukturmetall actively ensures the security of your personal data. We protect your data against loss, falsification, manipulation, destruction and unauthorized access or disclosure.

Questions and suggestions

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding Strukturmetall’s data protection strategy? (For example regarding access to and updating of your personal data.) If so, then follow the “contact” link in the navigation menu. Our data protection strategy is being constantly enhanced along with the Internet. Changes that we make will be regularly posted on this site.

Responsible for content

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Legal information


The author makes no guarantee of the timeliness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided on this site.

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The website of Strukturmetall contains links to external third party websites. Strukturmetall is not liable for the data protection strategies or content of those external websites.


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Use of the data, files and programs made available by the author is at the user’s own risk. This applies in particular to the functionality and virus-free condition of data and programs that are available for download from the Strukturmetall website. Unfortunately, there can be no guarantee of complete confidentiality and security of any data transmitted over the Internet. We are not liable for any damage resulting from disruption, manipulation or misuse of information transmitted over the Internet.

The author cannot be held responsible for damage to software or hardware. All responsibility for the software provided on the Strukturmetall website is borne by the user of the software alone.

Der Autor kann nicht für Schäden an Soft- oder Hardware verantwortlich gemacht werden. Jegliche Verantwortung der auf der Strukturmetall Website angebotenen Software geht auf den Benutzer der Software zurück.

If any parts or individual phrasing of this text are not or are no longer fully in accordance with current legislation, this does not affect the factualness or validity of the remaining parts of this document.

December 2013